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    Search and Destroy 

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    Guardians of the Galaxy by Anne LaClair

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    Now LIVE! new prints from Ash Costello and Nikki Misery: Mr and Mrs J. as well as Ash: The Uninvited Guest. and Nikki: Lets put a smile on that face.

    all three series are available now at store.jeremysaffer.com

    for all Ash and Nikki prints go to http://store.jeremysaffer.com/collections/all/new-years-day

    all pre-ordered prints come with a FREE mini print per print you order - there are 6 unique mini prints available and with each print you order you will get a different mini print to go along with it (order 6 for the complete collection)

    there are only 13 of each print and they are all hand signed by Nikki and Ash.

    get em before they get locked back up in arkham!

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    i never showed you all my paining i got from ash!

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    My idols are perfect.