1. notgerard:

    the attic demos // skylines and turnstiles

    "He [Gerard] came to me with the demo that became My Chemical Romance." - Mikey Way

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  3. cramp:

    trying to fit in with a new group like


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  5. officialannakendrick:

    when you feel the first cramp


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  7. onlybluesunday:

    "I wear black on the outside
    Because black is how I feel on the inside” - Morrissey

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  8. And the nominees are…
    2011 | 2013 | 2014

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  10. nitratediva:

    Carole Lombard in Howard Hawks’s Twentieth Century (1934). You can see Carole’s scar quite clearly in this shot and I love it; it’s such a beautiful reminder that even a woman this glamorous wasn’t “perfect,” whatever that means. She was better than perfect; she was real and brave and funny and magnificent.

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